Procesador de Audio Digital PRO2.6S

Procesador de Audio Digital PRO2.6S


Taramps Pro 2.6S Digital Audio Processor 6 Outputs

This Taramps Pro 2.6S Audio Processor has several functions, such as gain control and, to make it easier, the processor has a central viewer and scroll for simultaneous changes.

With 2 inputs and 6 outputs you can interconnect it with different speakers and give more emphasis according to each musical style. In addition to composing a sound system with quality and efficiency guarantee, you still get a super stylish and unique look.

Model Available:
• Pro 2.6S
General Specifications
Technical specification:
• Number of Input Channels: 2
• Number of Output Channels: 6
• Routing: A, B or A + B
• General Gain: -80 to 0dB
• Output Gain -24 to + 6dB
• Input Impedance: 18k Ohms
• Output Impedance: 47 Ohms
• Maximum Input Level: 6Vpp (2.1V RMS)
• Maximum Output Level: 10.2Vpp (3.6V RMS)
• Signal to Noise Ratio:> 90dB
• Total Harmonic Distortion: 80dB
• Frequency Response: 10Hz to 20KHz
• Power supply: 9V to 16V DC
• Nominal Consumption: 0.30A
• RCA input
• HPF and LPF Crossover
• Has Gain Control
• Approximate Dimensions (AxLxC): 3.3x11x21cm